All our hides are from South America and have been hand-picked at least twice and even three times, to ensure best of the best.

We showcase just some of the more unique on our website but have access to a few thousand luxurious, high quality cow hides in a wide variety of shades, sizes, colours and markings, stored just a few miles from our premises.

All our hides are hand picked from hundreds. They are selected for their colour, shine, and overall beautiful appearance. We may not have the largest selection available on line but we can guarantee that we have individually checked the hides and are 100% confident in their overall quality and luxurious appearance. We never compromise on quality.

We believe it is far better to know that the picture you see is the EXACT hide you will receive. There is no point in being disappointed with a hide being delivered that is nothing like your expectations.

If there is a "specific" requirement that you have in either size, colour or shape we can still help. We can give you a shortlist of hides with images from the importer and will view 'in person' to ensure the quality will meet your expectation. We will go that extra mile. Its what Cowshed Interiors are all about.

We only select hides that have been through the very best tanneries and use the chromium tanning method.

Our Cowhide Rugs are Very Supple

The leather of every one of our cowhide rugs is very supple, unlike cowhides from most other countries that can actually be quite stiff in comparison. Every country manufactures cowhide rugs. However most of these pale in quality, both in longevity and suppleness, as compared to those from South America.

The Best Quality Cowhides are Chromium Tanned

Chromium tanning has long been known to produce the best tanned cowhide rug. Chromium tanning is extremely high tech and expensive. As a result, most countries do not tan their cow hides this way. Even when a chromium tanning process is used, often times the results are unsatisfactory since it is such a difficult process as compared to more conventional forms of tanning.

Rest assured that every one of our cowhides is of the highest quality. Nicer ones simply do not exist.

During the tanning process, it may be necessary to put some suede backing on small areas of the rug. This is not a flaw in the hide merely a tool to ensure longevity and strength. All hides are considered "premium" grade.

No Unpleasant Tanning Odors Common In Other Cowhide Rugs

None of our cowhide rugs have that unpleasant smell from tanning solutions that is so often present in other cowhides. Rest assured that none of our cowhide rugs will have an unpleasant smell. Instead, each one will have a very pleasant leather scent.

In some of the images, due to the image light and lustre of the hide it may appear as though there is a slight haze on the hide. This is purely down to the image. The hides are entirely genuine and with no abnormal blotches or dyes.