Our current single location is Haselor, Alcester, B49 6GB

We're easily found by searching Cowshed Interiors on Google maps or use our What3Words location  ///suitably.tycoons.helpless

Cowshed Interiors is an online retailer with an extensive stock, with 100% of our 'in stock' items on site.

At this location you can view all of the items we have in stock on the website - we are not 'one of those' typical style online retailers that sells everything, stocks nothing and takes an age to deliver.

Please call 01789 488670

If you would like to contact us, you can do so by the following methods:

By using the contact form opposite

Cowshed Interiors | Unit 1 Lower Barn Buildings | Haselor | B49 6GB

What3Words location  ///suitably.tycoons.helpless

* Please note the postcode is correct but was a new postcode in October 2021. We are on the Lower Lane (500m from the school). You will see the black 'Lower Barn Buildings' sign on the A46 from both directions.

01789 488670  (10am to 4pm Mon - Fri)

Emoo: cows@cowshedinteriors.com

We have a new CI Outlet location opening in June just outside of Stratford-upon-Avon which we hope you will visit.

We will send out our newsletter to let you know when and where...but the map below may give you a clue...


Please get in touch!