Tall White Crackle Glaze Table Lamp

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Tall White Crackle Glaze Table Lamp

Simplicity in white offered with a variety of shades.

Finished with your choice of shade this lamp will create a lovely soft glow in your living space.

The hand finishing process ensures that no two lamps are the same. Each one creating its own pathway of cracks and crackle.

Base only Height 41cm (to top of bulb holder) Base Diameter 16cm
Base & Wicker Shade Height 56cm Diameter 38cm
Base and Oberon Tapered Shade
Height 58cm
Diameter 40cm
Base and Celia Cylinder Shade
Height 57.5cm
Diameter 35cm
Base and Ariel Coolie Shade
Height 54.5cm
Diameter 45cm