New French Style Champagne Grape Basket


New French Style Champagne Grape Basket


Original early 20th century champagne harvesting baskets were used in the vineyards to collect grapes. Originals are available to buy today but to get a good one, not too grungy could be around £500. Good to excellent condition can be up to £800.

Original champagne harvesting baskets that are a bit edgy will still be around £300.

The look and shape of the French Champagne grape basket is very stylish. So we decided to work with our supplier to have some new ones made by artisan weavers, where the skill has been passed down through the generations.

Every attention to detail has been applied to our baskets down to the wooden runners as seen on original baskets. 

Height 70-72cm approx (inc handles)
Width 76-78cm approx
Depth 60cm approx