Candles and Jamjar Candleholder Lid

Candle Options

Candles and Jamjar Candleholder with Lid

Surely everyones must have this winter.

A pretty glass jamjar with warm toned brass lid that holds a candle, offered separately with the option of two sizes of candles in ivory or linen grey.

You can use the jar for decorative purposes and put in a flowerbud, leaf or even a cinnamon stick or for practical uses to store your emergency candles.

Short candles are priced from just 85p and tall from a £1 with the added option of the Jamjar candleholder lid at £19.

Approximate dimensions:

Jamjar Candleholder (no candle)  H 15 cm Dia 11 cm
Individual Tall Candle Linen Grey SOLD OUT
H 18 cm Dia 2.2 cm
Individual Short Candle Linen Grey H 11 cm Dia 2.2 cm
Individual Short Candle Ivory  H 11 cm Dia 2.2 cm