Zone the floor
You can separate your dining space by marking out the area on the floor. Here, an unusual hexagonal pattern looks stunning beneath the table and instantly closes the space. The large open area has been given a quirky and cosy feel.

You could use floor paint to mark out simple lines, or create your own, more elaborate design.

Wishbone Chairs

Add a rug
A simple way to zone the floor is to position a rug under the table. It will create a cosy area and feel wonderfully soft underfoot. To counteract food debris, go for something lightweight, so it can be easily picked up and shaken out.

Cosy up with fabrics
A great way to warm up a plain dining space is by adding some cheerful cushions. The bright fabric on the seat cushions here livens up the simple wooden table and adds a comfortable element to the space.

Wishbone Chairs

March 10, 2017 — Lisa Wood