Thrilled and delighted that we can now offer the new size of the ever popular round wooden orb.

Many many people that have ordered the larger one previously have wanted a companion light but sadly at that time we were unable to offer...

The wait is over and the new size is here!

Diam 40 x H 50 - Chain length 90cm

This stylish light fitting is going to have great appeal to all the clients that did not quite have the roof height to take the large orb.

We anticipate this rustic light fitting is going to be ever popular and extreamly well priced.

Light fitting are so difficult to find that match the following criteria. We like them to be stylish, well priced and unusual. This Wooden hand finished chandelier ticks every box.

Small enough to have a group or a set of three pendants over a kitchen Island, counter .... the options are endless. 

June 29, 2016 — Lisa Wood