Sheepskin are fast becoming the must have addition to any room.

Whether they are New Zealand, Australian, Icelandic, Mongolian or Tibetan they all have something completely unique in their offerings.

We have just added to the choice of colours in our New Zealand and Australian sheepskins, which, by the way, are all eco sourced and are a bi product for the food industry. We could not resist the Candy Floss Pink which will look simply stunning on any girls bedroom. We have added to the offerings of Grey which currently outsell any other colour, Subtle differences being slightly darker more masculine greys to the ever popular Silver Grey which sell out in moments of them arriving. Actually, they are usually all sold out before they get here with clients wanting to pay in advance to secure these rare items. If you have one, well done!

Icelandic sheep are born in the wild and roam freely in the Icelandic landscape.The texture of the wool is the result of years of adaptation to the harsh Icelandic climate. The long hair protects the sheep from moisture whilst the short hair keeps them warm. The wool is between 15 and 25 cms in length and its shaggy appearance gives it a particularly beautiful appearance.

Our latest lux item is certainly the Tibetan sheepskins. They are known for their long silky wool fibres. The natural wave of these wool fibres produces the finest curls, which creates an ever changing look depending on te light, shade or from which ever angle they are seen.Touching the long and curly wool is a unique experience that cannot be replicated with other sheepskins. Available in various colours, sizes and shapes to suit all uses. This is my must have item.

We are proud to offer the complete range of the world of sheepskin to suit all tastes and pocket.



February 19, 2015 — Lisa Wood