With the nights drawing in and the cold becoming more of a feature of our daily life, we look to cosy up our decor to create a cradle of winter warmth.

Here are some ways that using a sheepskin can bring that warm feeling into your home.

Treat your Feet - Step out onto a sheepskin from the warmth of your bed to take the edge of a chilly start.

Black and White theme? This can so often seem harsh but by using and ivory sheepskin or indeed a black sheepskin the texture will soften any of those harsh lines.

Soften that Rocking chair - Be it traditional or the latest contemporary rocker, a sheepskin will entice you into that seat for some gentle "me"time.

Sofa heaven, place either two singles at corners of the sofa or a double right across the rear. This makes for an inviting chair to relax in.

Children love to roll about, create dens and what a great way for them to utilise their bedroom rug inside their cosy den. They may even drop off for a quick snooze? (or is that just wishful thinking?)

Home workplace. Bo one wants to be working at home but...... if you have to make it a comfortable experience to take the edge off. So long as you don't drop off to sleep too!

Keep it natural. Sheepskins are a fabulous natural product, very on trend but they look amazing with other naturals like lighting and seating. Cowshed Interiors do a great new range of Natural Lighting that can really add to the whole winter themeing.

Christmas Trees. Real or fake? the jury will remain out on that one but if you happen to have a fake, why not sit it under a natural hide so that when the children are gathered around, lying on teh floor staring longingly at the gifts their memories of that time are of soft cosy good times.


Sheepskins come in all shapes, singles, doubles...the list goes on. These different shapes and sizes mean that the sheepskin remain versatile in so many ways.

November 07, 2014 — Lisa Wood