Its a dilemma.

There is no denying that Cowhide rugs are really a thing of beauty. Organic, natural with a uniqueness that cannot be manufactured. It is for that reason that they have a massive appeal. I think though that many people shy away from them as they simply dont know how to use them or cannot see how they can fit into their current decor.


Easy is you have an industrial, brick apartment with large windows, but how do they fit with the style of home that most of us live in.

Well , I think the best way is to trawl images and see which is most similar to your room and just make tweeks to it to incorporate your "must have" item.

Interior designers use them lots and lots and I think that with a leap of faith, you can achieve that greatness. Apart from anything else, you can be different.

The shape of cowhides are such an organic shape that they can soften any harsh square rooms.

If you have a plain room, liven it up with a striking hide, or if you already have enough detail in your decor, go for a plain cream, or white if you can find that rare hide!

So here are a few pics that I feel show cowhides working at their best and most beautiful.

September 25, 2014 — Lisa Wood