Dark Patterned Cowhide with Black Zebra Print


Dark Patterned Cowhide with Black Zebra Print

You know when you really want a cowhide but the look just isn't working for you?

Our new printed zebra pattern hide on a woven pattern may just be what you are looking for.

Approx size: L 230 x W 170cm

***Please note - all creases fall out fairly quickly when the hide is laid flat***

The hide pictured is the hide for sale - new and unused.

All our hides are hand picked. They are selected for their colour, shine, and overall beautiful appearance. We may not have the largest selection available on line but we can guarantee that we have individually checked the hides and are 100% confident in their overall quality and luxurious appearance. We never compromise on quality.

We believe it is far better to know that the picture you see is the EXACT hide you will receive. There is no point in being disappointed with a hide being delivered that is nothing like your expectations.

If there is a "specific" requirement that you have in either size, colour or shape we can still help. We can give you a shortlist of hides with images from the importer and will view 'in person' to ensure the quality will meet your expectation. We will go that extra mile. It's what Cowshed Interiors are all about.