Finest Icelandic Short Wool Sheepskin Pale Pink

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Finest Icelandic Short Wool Sheepskin Pale Pink

Super soft short wool Icelandic sheepskin in this pale pink colour.

Icelandic sheepskins add that little something extra with the softest texture. The perfect fleece sheepskin.

Icelandic Sheep are a rare breed and are distinct by their long and wispy fleece.

We handpick all our rugs directly from the importer. We do not just accept what is in the delivery. It is important to us to ensure you are totally happy with this product because there can be so many average sheepskins out there. Do not accept second best with a will show.

Best uses are for the are on the back of a sofa, chair, on the bottom of the bed, as a bedside, living room, bathroom and the current must have in a nursery. These Icelandics are the perfect finishing touch. Specially dyed in this stunning toffee colour they are so on trend with colourway they are a real winner.

Stand on them, sit on them, lie on them or just look at them - they are truly beautiful. They add real texture to a room. 100% natural, washable and totally luxurious under foot or to sit on.

NB - sheepskins are a natural product, therefore they can vary in shape and some have a natural shading to them. Because we only have the finest grade in stock, they will all be a minimum size and pile.

L 90cm x W 60 cm approx