Cowhide Rug Exotic White Belly


Cowhide Rug Exotic White Belly

This one is not for everyone but that's what is so fantastic about it. Imagine it with white sofa on a pale wooden floor with delicate toffee and caramel accent pieces....on the money!

Max width at widest point: 205cm - Max length at longest point: 238cm.

***Please note - all creases fall out fairly quickly when the hide is laid flat***

The importer and in turn ourselves fold the hides for safe storage.

The hide pictured is the hide for sale - new and unused.

All our hides are hand picked from hundreds. They are selected for their colour, shine, and overall beautiful appearance.

We believe it is far better to know that the picture you see is the EXACT hide you will receive. There is no point in being disappointed with a hide being delivered that is nothing like your expectations.

All our hides are ethically sourced and are a bi product of the food industry.

If there is a "specific" requirement that you have in either size, colour or shape we can still help. We can give you a shortlist of hides with images from the importer and will view 'in person' to ensure the quality will meet your expectation. We will go that extra mile. Its what Cowshed Interiors are all about.

In some of the images, due to the image light and lustre of the hide it may appear as though there is a slight haze on the hide. This is purely down to the image. The hides are entirely genuine and with no abnormal blotches or dyes.

If you would like to discuss this product please call us on 01789 400575 (9am - 5pm) or if you prefer, email us and we'll be back to you as quick as we can.

We are a leading stockist of cowhides, reindeer and sheepskins. If you are looking for something specific, please ask...we're sure we can help.