We often get asked why we do not 'do sales' or big promotions, well that's easy.

We do not inflate our prices so that we can reduce them later...we are not very keen on the process of deals and offers every few weeks - we'd rather you know that when you buy from us you're very unlikely to see us selling the same item a few weeks later greatly reduced.

If you have a project or a plan of purchases you'd like us to help with, we'd rather you talk to us directly...we'd really like to help in anyway we can.

We continue to expand our reach with some exciting new products from new suppliers, mainly in Europe and hope to continue to bring you a range that is slightly different to the offerings of Graham & Green, OKA and John Lewis.

Without respite, sheepskins continue to be as popular as ever. Icelandic sheepskin, New Zealand sheepskin, Tibetan sheepskin, sheepskin cushions and reindeer hides are all available to buy via the website.