Have you ever had the feeling that you know what you want but you just cannot find it? Or you know you have seen one similar and you cannot remember where?

At Cowshed Interiors, we know how difficult it can be to find just the right item or that statement light your room needs...we think we can help.

We visit all the trade shows where all the latest styles are released and are fortunate enough to, ‘in most cases’, know the suppliers that offer either the exact item or one very similar - it may even be you prefer the suggested alternative.

We now offer a Buyers Club.

It's not always possible to stock or showcase on the website all of the items available and on offer to a company such as ours...so this service will not only widen the opportunity to help you source that illusive ‘objet’ but also give you access to an incredible resource....and of course a guaranteed discount on purchase!

So what does that mean?

The Buyers Club gives you direct and preferred access to our time, knowledge and experience. We advise, source and suggest as well as (hopefully) finding the exact item you are searching for.

For a small 'one off' lifetime fee that will entitle you to all of the above, including discounts on future purchases, as well as our extensive range of offerings from worldwide suppliers at sensibly discounted rates from the RRP.

The Buyers Club will give you a fast track to our time, knowledge and devotion to finding that exact item.

To buy in to a wealth of savings and opportunities click here to sign up now - forever!